Water & Wastewater Engineering

MEB specialize in providing outstanding design, construction, repair, rehabilitation, upgrading, operation and maintenance of complete water and wastewater treatment systems.

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Water and Wastewater Pumping System
  • Wastewater / Grease Digestion System
  • Water Supply System Maintenance
  • Water Pipelines and Sewerage Networks
  • Cured-In Place Pipe (CIPP)
  • Pipejacking
  • Steel Reinforced Profile Pipe (SRPP) or Spiral Pipe Rehabilitation (SPR)
  • Pipe Bursting
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Geotechnical Engineering

One of our core business scope is design and construction of quality geotechnical engineering and groundwater resource development works.

  • Groundwater Extraction and Treatment system
  • Chemical Grouting
  • Sinkhole Treatment
  • Permeation and Compaction Grouting
  • Micro-piling
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Cement Grouting
  • Well Point Dewatering
  • Slope Stabilization
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Specialist Engineering & Technical Services

MEB provides multiple service scopes including high difficulty works that require skilled engineers to complete the tasks.

  • Flow & Level Measurement & Monitoring
  • Pipeline CCTV & Confined Space Inspection
  • High & Ultra High Pressure Jetting
  • Reservoir Underwater Inspection & Cleaning
  • Underground Utility Mapping
  • Environmental Site & Drilling
  • Sewer Repair & Rehabilitation
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