Specialist Engineering & Technical Services

Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant

We provide full ranges of professional and cost effective engineering design and construction for water and wastewater systems which include pipelines, pumping stations, and treatment plants. In addition, we also provide specialist engineering services for repair, rehabilitation and upgrading of existing water and wastewater systems using the latest trenchless technologies such as cured in place pipe (CIPP), Steel Reinforced Profile Pipe (SRPP), Pipe bursting, and micro-tunneling methods.

Design and construction of water & wastewater treatment plants

Pipeline & Pumping Station

As a professional services company, we are capable to handle full design and construction of piping with proper layout as well as rehabilitation, repair and upgrading of century old existing sewer structures for further use and better efficiency.

Design and construction of water and wastewater pumping systems

Wastewater / grease digestion system

Design and construction of wastewater – grease digester

Water Pipeline and sewerage network

MEB is a well known engineering company in water pipeline and sewerage network.

Design and construction of water and wastewater pipelines

Cured-In Place Pipe (CIPP) Services

MEB provides a complete line of services for the rehabilitation of pipes via one of the trenchless methods that is CIPP. As trailblazers in CIPP, MEB’s track record in this line of work is impeccable; the successful installation of multiple 750mm and 900mm pipe sections with the 900mm sections being the largest CIPP installed in Malaysia.

Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) relining work

Pipe jacking

Pipe jacking is a trenchless method for installation of steel pipes and casings. Powerful hydraulic jacks are used to push pipes through the ground behind a shield and digging is going on within the shield. The method provides a flexible, structural, finished pipeline as the tunnel is excavated.

Pipejacking Work

Steel Reinforced Profile Pipe (SRPP) or Spiral Pipe Rehabilitation (SPR)

Our Steel Reinforced Profile Pipe (SRPP)/ Spiral Pipe Rehabilitation (SPR) is a trenchless spiral wound technology for the rehabilitation of sewers, storm drains and culverts.

Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe (SRPP)

Pipe bursting

MEB offers pipe bursting which is a trenchless method to replace buried pipelines such as water and sewerage pipeline instead of using a traditional construction trench.

Pipe Bursting work

Groundwater extraction and treatment system

We offer design and construction of groundwater resources development which includes design and construction of groundwater extraction well and treatment system, pollution monitoring wells, and environmental drilling and sampling works.

Design and construction of groundwater development works

Chemical grouting

With the use of environmental-safe chemicals and advance technologies, we have what it takes to existing ground condition for various land use.

Chemical grouting for groundwater ingress control

Sinkhole treatment

Sinkholes are a common naturally occurring geologic phenomenon, thus, MEB offers sinkhole treatment for both government and privated sectors.

Chemical grouting for ground stabilization and sinkhole treatment

Permeation and compaction grouting

With the use of environmental-safe cement and advance technologies, we have what it takes to existing ground condition for various land use.

Permeation and compact grouting for ground stabilization


MEB provides professional design and construction of micro-piling works. Our well trained and experienced work teams are equipped with full range of drill rigs and necessary equipment of various capacities, and capable of handling multiple micro-piling works at a times.

Micro-piling work

Cement grouting

With the use of environmental-safe cement and advance technologies, we have what it takes to existing ground condition for various land use.

Flow & Level Measurement & Monitoring

MEB offers pipeline and reservoir leakage measurement, pipeline infiltration / exfiltration and inflow survey and flow measurement and monitoring services for various system such as sewer, open channel, sewerage and water treatment plant, well, tank, river, stream, pond, dam, etc. In order to improve efficiency, we invented a new flow meter called FlowMax. It is a non-contact type ultrasonic flow meter used to measure the level and flow rate of fluids.

We will provide a maintenance program to ensure regular inspection and monitoring to fulfill your requirements.


Advantage of FlowMax

User friendly

  • Non-contact Ultrasonic Transmitter.
  • MRT Microprocessor Meter.
  • ES120 Data Logger.
  • Steel V-notch plate.
  • 34AH High Performance Battery.
  • BoxCar Software and Analyser.

Ultrasonic sensor

  • Accuracy of 0.25% (non-linearity).
  • Temp. compensation - 20°C to 125°C.
  • Measureable range up to 3650mm.
  • 4 - 20mA with 3-wire system.
  • Epoxy seal for all terminations.
  • LED indicator for range detection

Microprocessor controller

  • Measuring accuracy is 0.1% ±1 digit (rate) (23 ±5°C).
  • 10mm high LED display with over range signal indicator.
  • Adjustable relay contact HI or LO with contact AC25V - 3A, DC30V - 5A.
  • Operating condition is 0-50°C (20 to 90% RH non-condensed).
  • 15 bit DAC (Isolating) Resolution.
  • Response Time of less then 250ms (0-90%).
  • Temperature Coefficient of 100ppm /°C (0-50°C).

CCTV Inspection

MEB has closed circuit television(CCTV) with inclinometer for pipeline inspection as-built profile, level & settlement measurement. Our service included manhole & confined space inspection and survey.

P494 Camera & P400 Series

cctv cctv
Vehicle mounted or portable modular configuration.

The P494 Camera features full 360 degree pan and tilt for maximum viewing capacity, composite and component (SVHS) output and 1 lux digital processing. A variety of peripherals such as lightheads, wheels and controllers enable the operator the flexibility to design a system that best suits each inspection. Suitable for pipe size from 150mm to 2000mm.

P400 Series tractors are powered forward and reverse and provide significant performance advantages over track crawler systems in harsh environment such as unclean and debris filled lines. Their compact length allows for easier manhole entry and maneuverability in difficult areas such as offset joints, tight spaces 90 degree turns and small inverts.


6-wheel drive small tractor for 6" to 36" pipes


4-wheel drive large tractor with remote controlled elevator for pipes 12"


4-wheel drive larger steerable tractor with remote controlled elevator for pipes 20" and larger, negotiates radical bends and turns on its own axis.


Man-entry Confined Space Inspection

High pressure water jet cleaning

MEB provides complete line of services for high pressure water jet blasting cleaning services and ultra high pressure hydro demolition starting from 1000 psi to 40,000 psi.

Ultra high pressure hydro demolition

MEB possesses various sets of ultra-high pressure jet cutters for concrete demolishing and pipe cutting works.

Reservoir underwater Inspection & cleaning

MEB provides underwater inspection service using underwater robot.Cleanliness of treated water storage reservoir plays an important role for maintaining the water quality within a supply network. Periodic cleaning and inspection of reservoirs using the latest underwater robotic technology , the "Remote Control Underwater Robotic Method", underwater inspection and cleaning robots.

With the "Underwater Inspection and Service Robot" developed by Metropolitan Center For Research Sdn Bhd, water reservoirs and tanks can now be inspected, cleaned and routinely maintained.

Underwater robotic inspection and cleaning works can be conducted without having to shut down the existing operating system. It is a cost effective and non man-entry inspection and cleaning method that can avoid potential water-born disease contamination, no disturbance to live system operation during cleaning process, and many advantages.

Advantages of Reservoir Cleaning

  • NO SHUTTING DOWN OF SUPPLY SYSTEM Robot cleans reservoir while system supplies normally. Cleaning work can be easily scheduled. Zero complaint from consumers.
  • REDUCE NON REVENUE WATER (NRW) No waste of clean water. Only dirty water containing mud, sediments, particles, debris, settled pollutants, etc. were removed.
  • NON-MAN ENTRY No potential human disease contamination. No sterilization costs.
  • STEADY SUCKING AND BRUSHING ROBOTIC CLEANING PROCESS Without affecting water quality. Cleaning rate of 30 to 50 square meters per hour.
  • VIDEO RECORDING Record all underwater cleaning and inspection processes.
  • PRACTICAL AND COST EFFECTIVE Significant saving of costs and times.

Additional Benefits

  • Suitable for most types of reservoirs and tanks.
  • For 2-person operation with a mobile station.
  • Steady cleaning speed at 30~100 sq.m per hour.
  • Inspection with tilt and 12 zoom CCD camera.
  • Compact robot body for 600mm dia. access.
  • Live system operation and no dirt suspension.
  • Remote control and manual operation devices.
  • Safe underwater power voltage of AC 100V.
  • Suitable for deep water operation up to 15m.
  • Fully recordable underwater process details.

Detection and Mapping of buried utilities and services

Since digging without knowing the approximate location of underground utilities can result in damage to gas, electric, communications, water and sewer lines, which can lead to service disruptions, serious injuries and costly repairs. The importance of detecting underground utility is increasing as it is a way to ensure safety and to keep a project's life cycle on track and within budget.

MEB offers detection of underground utilities services by both non-destructive Radio-Magnetic & Ground-Penetration Radar(GPR)Imaging methods and Remediation of Contaminated Soil & Groundwater.

Radar Imaging, Scanning, Detection & Mapping

Environmental Site Assessment & Drilling Services

With proper engineering judgement and careful professional analysis, MEB is a qualified investigator to determine the qualification of lands in term of safety and environmental friendly using both Non-Destructive Radio Magnetic and Ground-Penetration Radar Imaging methods as well as remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

Sewer Repair & Rehabilitation

MEB provides sewer repair and rehabilitation, we can fully rehabilitate sewers and drains. Either approach is as effective as the other, it is simply a case of providing the most cost effective solution for your situation.

Topside Oil Rig Maintenance

We provide trained engineers that are knowledgeable in maintaining good condition of offshore oil rig piping systems and profession in repairing damaged structures using non-flammable equipment.